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January 27, 2014

Winter Driving…UGH!!!

Living in Ohio allows all of us the wonderful challenge of learning how to drive in the winter months with the ice and snow.  With a little bit of patience along with a few tips to consider..we can all get through this.  Below are just a few tips given to me by my father and a few I have learned on my own. 

1)  Slow down…we have all had those vehicles who fly by us when the roads are icy and snow covered.  If we all just drive at a reasonable pace..we will get where we are going safely. 

2)  Keep your distance between the vehicle in front of you – give yourself space in the event you have to brake and slide on the ice.  In slippery conditions it takes a longer distance to come to a stop.

3)  Check your tires.  You will need the traction in snow.  If your tires are balding…you will slide and possibly not be able to get up a steep hill.

4)  Check your wiper blades and wiper fluid.

5)  Make sure your head lights and tail lights are working.  This is very important when people are following you in a snowstorm.

6)  Be prepared – have snow scrapers in your vehicle during these winter months.  Consider having a blanket and emergency flashers in the event you break down and need to wait for assistance.

7)  Consider staying home!!  It just may not be worth it to venture out before the roads are taken care of by the snowplows.

As long as we all respect the road conditions and the weather, we can get through these cold snowy months.  Enjoy the beautiful snow!  Spring is just around the corner!!

Janet L Buntain



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