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December 17, 2020

Stay Safe…Stay Healthy..Happy Holidays!

Wow!  What a year….Although 2020 has been a crazy challenging year, I truly feel we need to be grateful for what good things we have had.  I am grateful for my family – We were blessed to have our second grandson Jack arrive on 3/30/2020 – right at the beginning of this pandemic.  We unfortunately could not be at the hospital in the waiting room to cheer him into this world – and, in fact, we could not even see or hold him for almost a month – but…he arrived healthy and our hearts were full.

We all “moved home” to work in mid-March due to the pandemic.  Thankfully we were truly able to do business as usual!  I came to the office daily to pick up any payments or correspondence that clients put through our mail slot (that is at top of door) and processed them at home.  Thanks to technology we were able to have our office phones ring to our cell phones.  Again – it all worked out and we felt like we could give everyone the service they deserve.

Pam and I came back to the Brimfield office and Jordan went back to our Richfield location (Broadview Insurance) in June – we have had the doors locked with a sign requiring masks if someone needed to come inside.  We have a plexiglass divider on Pam’s desk in Brimfield to keep a distance.  We prefer appointments yet we are okay with walk ins as long as masks are worn.  We require masks at our Richfield location also – we will continue this as long as they require us too – we want to keep you safe!

It is hard to believe that Christmas is next week.  Christmas is such a joyous time.  This year my youngest son Ryan and his wife Kathryn will not be coming home from Utah – the numbers are just too high and they want to be “good citizens” and just stay put until we get this virus under control.  We will all miss them terribly but it is definitely the right thing for all of us.  It is the first time all of our family will not be together on Christmas day…but we also want to make sure we spend many future Christmas’ together.  Many of us are having to just do things differently this year.  My heart aches for those who have lost loved ones.

Thank you for your business…We truly appreciate you and care about you….Please….Stay Safe….Stay Healthy….2021 is right around the corner!!

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