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June 27, 2016

WHY buy Renters Insurance?

More and more people are choosing to rent in today’s crazy home market.  When you have a mortgage on a home they MAKE you buy homeowner’s insurance to cover the bank’s interest in the event of a claim.  Contents coverage is included in that policy.  So…WHY should I buy renter’s insurance if I don’t have to?

Because you will lose everything you own.  You have accumulated more than you realize.  You probably have clothing, TV’s, furniture, computers or tablets of some kind..I could go on and on.  In the event of a fire or some other catastrophic loss at your place you are renting..what would you do?  Your renter’s policy will protect your belongings – it will even pay for you to stay somewhere else while your building is being repaired.  It covers you in the event someone gets hurt and takes legal action against you.  

A renters policy is very reasonable in price.  You can usually get a $35,000 policy for less than $200 (depending on different factors – I am just saying the “average” cost in our Portage county area).  On top of that it will almost always reduce your auto policy (by receiving “multi policy discount”) which makes it even more affordable.

Do you rent?  Do you have a renter’s policy?  If not, please call our office – we would love to discuss this with you!!

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