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January 29, 2014

Super Bowl Sunday Hosting Tips

With Super Bowl XLVIII approaching on Sunday, you may be starting to plan the best football party of the year – complete with the best drinks, the best food and appetizers, and the best sound and screen that will have the entire neighborhood lining up for next year’s party.

We want everyone to have a safe and fun Super Bowl Sunday. If you are the host of this year’s party, please keep the following tips in mind to ensure that everyone has a great time in a safe environment. Remember – the safety of your friends and family is your responsibility as host.

  • Make sure that your outdoor steps and walkways are clear of snow and ice
  • Provide filling food for guests and alternatives to alcoholic beverages. It’s always a good idea to have plenty of water readily available.
  • Check food to make sure that you aren’t serving anything undercooked, spoiled, or contaminated. This includes checking on food that may have been sitting out for several quarters.
  • Schedule activities that do not involve alcohol
  • Have local cab company phone numbers on hand and posted for guests
  • Stop serving alcohol in the 4th quarter
  • Encourage guests to stay awhile after the game
  • Do not serve guests who are visibly intoxicated

Have questions about what might be covered or excluded? Give us a call!

-Jordan Buntain, CLCS

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