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July 18, 2013

Remembering Homer E DeVaul…

I am certain that many of you knew my wonderful father, Homer E DeVaul.  He sadly passed away on 6/11/2013.  He had been struggling with his health issues this past year.  Both of my parents taught me the business.  Homer, however, taught me that THE most important part of our business was actually CARING about our customers.  We may not ever be the “lowest” cost yet…we care.  He taught me to always do my best for the customer no matter what.  You, the customer, need our direction in the event of a car accident, a hail storm or a death in the family.  I am hoping that those of you who knew Homer smile when you think of him and remember that he truly DID care about you and appreciated your business. 

My promise to all of you is to continue Homer’s philosophy of customer centered business.  I miss him already.  I am sharing his obituary for all of you.

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