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May 11, 2015

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month!

Spring is in the air…let’s share the road!!  Once the weather in Ohio breaks, I have told my family “Watch out for the motorcycles – they are out!” They have the same rights as other vehicles yet they are harder to see.  Keep your distance – do not crowd them  They need more space to maneuver in the event of an emergency or sudden stop. 

A great tip for the motorcyclists to be safe is to make yourself visible – wear bright clothing.  Wear a helmet.  It can save lives.

I must admit that I truly envy the freedom that the motorcyclists love and cherish – I am just one that has the fear of the other drivers on the road.  I am hoping that if we all just “share the road” and become more aware of our surroundings then we will all be safe!

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