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August 26, 2015

Life Insurance is pretty AMAZING!!

Life insurance can do some pretty amazing things.  It can buy loved ones time to grieve, pay off debts and loans, keep families in their home and pre-fund a child’s education…but there is one catch.  YOU NEED TO OWN IT.

Do you have life insurance?  Please call me today to review your policy or to give you recommendations as to what would be best for you. 

We can make the process very easy for you.  You can do the application over the phone.  You can then schedule your exam at your convenience – they will come to your home or office.

Please think about this.  One of the top 2 reasons people don’t buy life insurance is because they think they cannot afford it.  I truly believe you can’t afford NOT to have it.   I can help you make those decisions.

Again…call or e-mail me today!


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