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April 17, 2013

Life Insurance…Does your family have enough protection?

Are we ever truly prepared for the worst thing to happen to us?  Losing a loved one can have a huge impact on a family.  In fact, for every home lost due to fire, there are three lost due to the death of a breadwinner.  Because we want to make sure you have the protection your family needs, we offer all our valued clients a complimentary life insurance review.

When I read the paper and see that one of my customers have passed away…I truly ask myself – Did I  ASK them for life insurance?  Soooooo…I am committing to attempt to reach out to all of my customers in one way or another and offer them the protection they need.

We have products that offer low cost term protection or permanent products that can either accumulate cash values or even be guaranteed to never lapse and also allow you to use your “death benefit” while you are alive to use for long term care expenses.  If you have health issues, please still call me.  We have products that fit most situations.

I will look at your specific situation and help you determine the amount and type of policy that is right for you.   Call me today! 

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