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June 10, 2014

Happy Father’s Day to EVERY Father!

Wow – wow…it is June/2014 already.  Father’s Day is this Sunday and it makes me reflect on my own father – Homer DeVaul.

Homer DeVaul – man oh man was he a wonderful father to me.  It will be 1 year tomorrow that this very special man passed away.  He taught me so much about life and about the insurance business.  I came into the agency with him and my Mother in 1981.  EVERYONE loved Homer.  He cared so much about his customers.  He taught me how important having a relationship with your customers mattered to our business.  He taught me to laugh.  He taught me that you never keep a compliment to yourself – that sharing that compliment brings a smile to the receiver.  He taught me to learn about our customers and their lives.  Be sincere – ask about their children.  Offer insurance products that they truly need.  My father taught me how to love life.  And it worked because I love every day!

You, our customers,  are very special to our agency.  My advice for today’s blog?  If your Father is still with you today…give him a hug.  Cherish this time.  If he is no longer with you..reflect on what he did to help mold you into the person you are.  Some things are good…some things are not so good – but we can all build on the lessons we have been given over the years and try our hardest to become the best person we can. 

So – Happy Father’s Day to every Father out there!

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