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June 30, 2015

Fourth of July Safety Tips for you AND your pet!

Fourth of July is such an awesome holiday – I love getting together with friends and family, grilling outside with great food and…going to the fireworks display!

Safety is very important for this holiday for you and your family and your pets.  Consider the following to help have a fun and safe holiday:

1)  Fireworks seem to get bigger, stronger and higher every year – Please keep a safe distance away from the display.  If you are setting off the fireworks, always wear protective gear.

2)  The sun – ouch!  This time of year is very important to wear a proper SPF lotion.  Stay hydrated – drink plenty of fluids.

3)  Check your grills – Make sure they are working properly and wear heat resistant tools while using it.

4)  Your pets…Please keep them inside in a safe comfortable room.  Consider leaving a TV or soothing music on for them to help avoid the loud noise from the fireworks away.  They are safer at home than taking them to the party or fireworks display with you.  They will thank you for that!

5)  Please make sure your pets can be identified in the event they are startled by the noises and run off.

Have a wonderful and safe Fourth of July!!

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