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February 4, 2016

February is a time to show Love!!

February…wow – Yes, the official month to show those you love how much you care on Valentine’s Day.  Why not give the gift of comfort to those you love by way of a life insurance policy?  No…not the most romantic thing you can do but a responsible, loving way to show that you care.  You will be comforted in knowing that your loved ones can adjust in the event of your loss without having to worry about financial obligations. 

I am passionate about life insurance.  I believe in it.  I feel obligated to at least let my friends and customers know that I can help them.

Do you have elderly parents that may not have any life insurance?  Will you be responsible for their funeral?  Grange Life has a Final Expense policy that can be issued up to age 85.  There are only 7 questions on the application.  Your health does not have to be perfect.  Call me for a quote for a $10,000-$12,000 final expense policy.

We offer both term insurance and permanent insurance to fit your needs. 

Give me a call…I would love to help you show your love!!!  Happy February to you all!!!


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