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October 21, 2015

DeVaul Buntain Agency Steps it Up!

Okay…so maybe this was not the best idea….I decided to give our agency (yes, there are only 3 of us at this time) an October/November challenge.  We all have Fitbits so I challenged each of us to attempt to do 10,000 steps EVERY day of October and November!  I temporarily gave myself a promotion as Health Awareness Manager (yes, I came up with that myself).  I wanted us all to know exactly how LITTLE we move since we have desk jobs that have us on the phone and sitting at our computers all day.  And most of all..I want us all to be healthy.

I offered $5 (okay…not a WHOLE lot but it can add up if you do it all 61 days!) for every day you hit 10,000 steps. 

How are we doing being 20 days into this?  Well…..Pam is absolutely ROCKING it – she has only NOT done it every day except one day (the day her sister had her baby and Pam was with her at the hospital – her sister told her to STOP marching in place – ha!)!!  Ric kills us on the days that he plays golf and/or mows the lawn – other than that he isn’t really pushing this goal thing that much.  As for me…I am trying!  I realized how much “stuff” gets in the way – I have missed 7/20 days already from being in meetings, driving to Columbus a few days (yet I got 17,000 steps on the day we were walking all over Columbus to watch our son Jordan run the half marathon) and just choosing to not get off that couch – ugh!!!  I need to make better choices.

Mondays are the worst…I usually go home with barely 2,000 steps!!??  We are busy in the office yet I NEED to commit to get up and MOVE!!!  I find myself walking my dogs longer and STILL having to get on the treadmill.  Pam marches in front of her TV almost every nite – her husband just shakes his head (yet smiles with her determination) to make sure she hits that goal.

Soooo….we have 41 days to go.  Pam already seems to be our rockstar of the Stepping It Up challenge – Ric and I need to get moving!  Wish us luck!!!

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