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December 29, 2017

2018 New Years Resolutions!

2017 has been one of the most amazing years of my life….Our youngest son Ryan proposed to Kathryn in Yosemite (wedding in 2018!) in August…Our middle son Jordan married Brit on the beach in Michigan in September…and then our oldest son Justin and Amanda had our first grandchild – Everett Daniel Buntain – on 9/25/2017.  My life has been in joy overload this entire year.  Our world has had a lot of sadness and tragedy this past year so I am thankful of all of the blessings I had.

I  like to reflect on my year and strive to make the next better.  I WANT to be a better person and resolutions seem to help give me a little guidance.  Sooooo…the following are a few of my resolutions..

1)  Always be true to yourself and others

2)  Laugh every day – this is a true lifesaver

3)  Give back more than you receive

4)  Love your family and friends – they are your foundation and strength

5)  Listen More – Talk Less (okay…the talking less WILL be a challenge for me)

6)  Never hold back a compliment (something my father Homer was a great example of)

7)  Patience – yep…I need help on this one

8)  Eat more fruits and vegetables and exercise more – okay….yes I add this one every year…LOL


My wish for you all is to have a happy, healthy 2018 – Let’s all make every day an amazing day! 

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